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The human race begins only from a child or kid. The Atharva Veda tells a lot about kids or children. Swamiji Sri Siddhar has conducted many researches according to Vedic scriptures to analyze the problems in getting good kids. There are too many problems. Even though there are too many problems the problems have been clarified into two major parts. One is getting a kid and the other is bringing up the kid. The Atharva Vedic astrology deals a lot into this subject. Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar has brought out all these factors to the modern world. First let us see the definition of a kid or child.

A child/kid is a human being between the stages of birth and puberty. The legal definition of "child/kid" generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority. "Child/kid" may also describe a relationship with a parent or authority figure. A child or kid is anyone in the developmental stage of childhood, between infancy and adulthood. In North America, a child is commonly referred to as a kid. A tot, tike, youngster, and nipper are other names for a child. Social attitudes toward children differ around the world and have also changed over time.

The Atharva Veda has also classified the kids in various manners. They are sisu, balaka or balaki, tharuna/tharuni. Balaka is masculine gender and Balaki is feminine gender. Tharuna is masculine gender and Tharuni is feminine gender. The term sisu has the similar meaning of a neonatal and an infant. The sisu is up to the age of pre schooling. Balaka/balaki is up to the teen age. The teenagers are called as tharuna/tharuni. Childbirth is the process in which the baby is born. It is considered as the beginning of a person's life, where age is defined relative to this event in most cultures. There are many problems in getting good kids. The problem starts from the parent’s fertility. The problems are to be analyzed right from the beginning. The problems begin right from the stage of fertilization. The process by which the male gamete, the sperm cell, and the female gamete, the oocyte, fuse to give rise to a diploid cell, the zygote. Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) has divided these into many categories as an Atharva Veda scholar. In this website one can easily understand about the kids and the required steps to make them as the best kids. To know more and more about kids and to solve the problems caused in getting the kids or to solve the problems happened to kids contact Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) via email avtemple@aol.com to know more about Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam) please visit the website www.yogacraft.com